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Imaging & Diagnostics

We strive to practice the best medicine possible here at Bayshore Veterinary Hospital. In order to do that, we have several state-of-the-art tools to assist us. 

In House Laboratory

Our newly updated laboratory allows us to run complete blood cell counts, urinalysis and chemistry panels while you wait. This allows the doctors to monitor for infection, anemia and organ function. We can also run thyroid panels, cortisol, and phenobarbital levels.  With this information, we can make a much more accurate diagnosis and complete work-up. 

Full Body & Dental X-Ray Units 

With these two separate radiographic units we can not only get an accurate view of your pet's bones and soft tissue anatomy, but also individual teeth and dentition.  This can be very helpful during surgery and dental care. 


You will be amazed at the image quality and diagnostic capability of our new ultrasound machine.  We can get an extremely accurate image of what is going on with abdominal organs in addition to viewing the heart and lungs. Ultrasound can also be applied to different orthopedic conditions to better diagnosis the problem such as partial cruciate injuries or tendon damage. This information can be helpful in guiding surgical decisions and overall managing your pet's conditions. 

Our Bayshore team utilizes the SDEP™ protocol which is an innovative standardization of the sonographic process to maximize image sets and facilitate in-house or telemedicine evaluation for further interpretation. Dr. Tim is a SDEP™ Abdomen Certified Sonographer and Instructor allowing him to image every type of abdominal pathology including the most challenging views.

We also can send our ultrasound studies to a specialist for further interpretation. 

Tim Hunt - Abdomen Certified Sonographer
Tim Hunt - SDEP Abdomen Certified Instru
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