Equine & Large Animal Services


Equine Wellness Care

Annual wellness exams can help to identify potential problems before your horse starts to show signs that something is wrong. Vaccination and deworming protocols are tailored to each individual horse depending on age, lifestyle, and husbandry practices.

Equine Dentistry

We offer power-assisted dentistry care for your horse. Dr. Stephens-Brown has attended additional dental training and keeps up with dental advancements. Every sedated oral exam and occlusal correction (float) has a digital dental chart emailed after the visit. 


Advanced Lameness Diagnostics

We are equipped to perform high level diagnostic services such as ultrasound and radiography in the field. Digital radiographs (on farm answers) and ultrasound are utilized to identify injuries or abnormalities after a thorough lameness exam with diagnostic nerve blocks as needed.

Gastroscopy and Endoscopy

Bayshore is the first practice in the Upper Peninsula to offer gastroscopy and endoscopy to clients. Instead of having to haul to a referral facility hours away, these procedures can be done on your farm. Gastroscopy can be used to diagnose gastric ulcers or esophageal abnormalities. Upper respiratory endoscopy is available as well on the farm.

Large Animal Services

Basic large animal wellness care and urgent care is provided in the Marquette county area. This included goats, sheep, alpacas, llamas, cattle, and pot-bellied pigs.

Emergency Services

We offer after hours emergency service in the Marquette county area on the farm. Out of the area horses can sometimes be seen on a case by cases basis for haul-in appointments. 

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